Liverpool have made calls to make an impressive signing, according to Fabrizio Romano

Liverpool have made calls to make an impressive signing, according to Fabrizio Romano

According to Fabrizio Romano, Liverpool reportedly made calls about signing Jude Bellingham. The Midfielder has always been Liverpool’s priority.

Fabrizio Romano Claims Liverpool are looking for signing Bellingham

According to Fabrizio Romano, Liverpool has lately made some calls regarding Jude Bellingham. In reality, they have only recently begun attempting to determine how likely a transfer is.

Romano told on his Youtube Channel:

“It is true that Liverpool a few weeks ago called people close to Bellingham and Dortmund to enquire about the situation to understand if they had a chance to jump into it.

The answer was no, no way, the player is untouchable this summer.

But Liverpool are thinking of Jude Bellingham alongside many top international clubs, because also Spanish and English clubs are interested.”

Given the expected sharp increase in competitiveness in 2023, this truly does make perfect sense. Bellingham is undoubtedly one of the top young players in the world, and clubs from all around Europe will make every effort to sign him.

But Borussia Dortmund will want that rivalry more than anything. They don’t need rapid cash and have an incredibly important asset here. Therefore, they won’t sell Bellingham for a low price.

However, Liverpool’s efforts throughout this window are not to be faulted. The Reds might be open to a Naby Keita-style contract, in which they sign the player for a year in advance. But once more, doing that simply isn’t Dortmund’s style.

Bellingham to Liverpool in 2023?

Bellingham is expected to be the most valuable transfer of 2023 because of his rising value (he is still a teenager, after all). He has access to a large sum of money.

We can only hope Liverpool will match any offers made by competing sides. Bellingham is the Reds’ top target moving ahead and would be a great signing.

Although it seems like he is, completing this won’t be simple. The only thing Liverpool can do is position themselves in the best possible way. And they certainly seem to be doing that.

We will have to wait and see if the Reds can finally pull out this long-awaiting transfer. With the Reds midfield ageing, it looks certain that Liverpool will spend big on a midfielder in the near future.

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