Liverpool FC sponsorship race gets even more interesting

Liverpool FC sponsorship race gets even more interesting

The race to get Liverpool FC shirt sponsorship stands at an interesting stage. It is reported that Standard Chartered are told to double their current amount, which would be £80 million.

The current sponsorship contract with Standard Chartered ends at the end of the next season.

Liverpool FC and Standard Chartered sponsorship

The British Bank have been sponsoring the Reds since 2010 and have been their longest-serving sponsor.

Standard chartered currently have an agreement which sees them pay Liverpool £40 million per season.

They currently are in talks with the Banking institution for this mega million deal, being one of the biggest deals in football.

Opportunity for other companies

The Fenway sports group (FSG) owners of Liverpool have definitely opened talks with Standard Chartered for the extension.

However, the FSG group is also looking for firms in other fields of interest. For example financial services, consumer electronics, FMGC companies and the trending market of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It could be interesting to see if Liverpool could get a new sponsor or retain the same ones in a much bigger deal.

According to statistics, Liverpool merchandise are the most purchased all around the world. The shirt sales this year could reach nearly 2 million units.

Liverpool are on their way to an unprecedented quadruple.

The sponsorship commitments could take a definite shape depending on this season’s result as well.

With club manager Jurgen Klopp increasing his stay at the club now, this would definitely instil confidence in the investing companies.

Moreover, the Reds squad is currently full of star players and one of them recently won the FWA player of the year 2022 award. The Egyptian Mohamed Salah is at the top of his game this season. Thus, Salah is deemed by many football pundits as the best in the world at the moment.

It not only leads to an increase in sales but also increases the fan base of the club. Once a Red always a Red.

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