Liverpool are ready to make an offer to sign Barcelona forward Dembele

Liverpool are ready to make an offer to sign Barcelona forward Dembele

Liverpool are willing to pay Ousmane Dembele a signing bonus and bear his hefty wages. The Frenchman is yet to sign a contract extension with the Catalans, while the Reds are looking to steal the deal.

Dembele’s name has come up before on the table and Liverpool were not sure about him due to his injury concerns. But now, the FSG have made their decision and are ready to pay him a big fat signing bonus.

Apparently, El Nacional believes that Jurgen Klopp is a huge admirer of the World Cup winner. The German eyes him as a perfect player to have in his squad.

Dembele had already chosen to move to Dortmund when the German manager tried to sign him from Rennes in 2016.

The Catalan outlet reported that the Merseysiders have made a tempting offer to persuade the 24-year-old to move to Anfield. The 6-time European Champions have vowed Dembele a salary that will be higher than his current salary package, as well as a signing bonus of 20 million euros.

Should Liverpool count on Dembele?

Since moving to Barcelona, the Frenchman has spent most of his time in the hospital. After missing months with a knee injury, he returned to play 25 minutes in the Champions League this season, but he is now out again with a hamstring injury.

During his time at Camp Nou, he has missed over 700 days of football due to 14 different injuries, which do not occur until there is a major root problem with a player’s muscles.

Dembele’s current deal ends in the summer, but the arrival of Barcelona’s new manager might change things. The former Barcelona legend intends on keeping him and counts on him. But, his injuries remains to be a major red flag for Liverpool to go after him. Thus, Liverpool would be making a huge mistake if they signed him and he remains to be inconsistent.

Liverpool have already prepared their list of transfer targets. Therefore, it’s now up to them to make the decision to sign the Frenchman. Meanwhile, as per Dembele, the situation is still unclear about whether he’ll end up staying or looking for options abroad. While Manchester United are also interested in the prospect and may offer Dembele higher than Liverpool.

Thus, if Liverpool really wants to snap up the winger, they are gonna need to act faster. That being said, it could turn out to be a risky signing for the Reds as he is more active off the pitch rather than on the pitch.

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