Liverpool announce the departure of a key staff member on the eve of the new season

Liverpool announce the departure of a key staff member on the eve of the new season

Jim Moxon, the club doctor who has been a crucial member of the first team staff since 2020, has announced his departure from Liverpool.

In football, there is a lot of personnel that drive a team towards success. Not only the ground staff, the coaching staff, but also the medics. Medics play a really important role in a player’s life. Helping them to avoid injuries, helping them in recovery, etc.

The Reds have made numerous adjustments and changes to their medical staff over the past few years in an effort to reduce the danger of injury to its players.

Frigyes Vanden Auweele was chosen as the new head of osteopathy this summer. And Dr. Andreas Schlumberger received new responsibilities. This coincided with the introduction of a new position.

Schlumberger will now be in charge of both the medical and the fitness departments starting this season.

Liverpool medical staff on his departure

However, he will now be without Moxon’s experience, who has bid the team luck for the upcoming season after Liverpool announced his departure, which seems to be effective right away.

Dr. Moxon told the official club website:

“During my time at LFC I have met and worked with so many fantastic people in every department across the club.

He thanked the club for making him a better doctor. And then he went on talking about the experiences he had at the club. He then thanked the club and wished the club all the best for the new season.

Prior to moving to the first team in 2020 as club doctor and replacing the departing head of medical services Andy Massey. He first joined the club in 2016 as head of sports medicine and fitness at the academy.

Moxon was a fixture on the Liverpool bench during games. And he is one of the players you saw rushing out to help hurt or worn-out players on the field.

A straight successor is most likely, though it is uncertain how Liverpool will handle the departure. The question is whether they will promote from within or search outside.

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