Klopp reveals his family was entangled in the chaos of the UCL Paris final

Klopp reveals his family was entangled in the chaos of the UCL Paris final

This year’s UCL final witnessed huge, crazy mayhem, furthermore, Klopp reveals his family too suffered in the middle of all this.

The Reds had a disappointing result in the 2022 UCL final.

They went up against Real Madrid and were billed as favorites to lift the trophy. Although, they came up short and lost the final 1-0. Vinicius Junior was the match-winner for Madrid as he scored the only goal of the game.

The Stade de France’s major issues cast a shadow over the Champions League game between Liverpool and Real Madrid in May.

Due to access problems, dangerous crushes developed on the day of the biggest game in Europe. Moreover, the police pepper-sprayed or used tear gas on numerous spectators.

Klopp tells his family was also caught up in the UCL final Chaos

Several of Klopp’s kin were directly affected by the issue, but they did not inform the German until after it had occurred.

Klopp says:

“I met only a few (people) who were lucky. All the rest I met – my family included – had massive struggles outside.

I think it is clear it was massively mis-organized. Whoever was responsible was not prepared for that. My family sent me messages before the game, ‘We are in the stadium, good luck and all these kinds of things – but they were not.

These kinds of necessary lies you receive. Then after the game, we had this little party. My missus was not ready to party, still exhausted from all the things around.

I think all the things that happened there made it possible that the smallest problem we had that night is that we lost the final – incredible after a Champions League final. It was obviously really difficult.

I was not outside but so many people told me the true story and they were all the same story pretty much, so I know what happened.”

After narrowly missing out on the Premier League title the week before, the Reds’ season, which featured threats to win the treble, came to an end with the 1-0 loss in Paris.

However, Klopp thinks that they have moved past their disappointment. He believes although the season didn’t end according to plan, still they went on their holidays happily.

Leaving all disappointments behind, the Liverpool boss shows delight in Salah

The decision of Mohamed Salah to sign a new three-year deal and put an end to much uncertainty about his future was another good thing that came out of the summer.

The prolific Egyptian forward was nearing the end of his previous contract. He had scored 156 goals in 254 games for the Anfield club.

Klopp was really happy about Salah’s contract extension:

“I knew it would happen, it was always clear Mo wants to stay, but it’s an important contract, different things have to be considered and that’s what takes time sometimes.

He is very happy now that he can extend his time here. We are very happy, a world-class player.

Imagine you have to sign Mo Salah now – he’s in another club and you want a player with the numbers he created over the years. It’s pretty much not possible. But we have him and he wants to stay – very good news.”

Liverpool will now head to Asia for their pre-season tour. Furthermore, the Reds will face Man City for the Community Shield to kick off their 2022-23 season.

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