Klopp is concerned about a Liverpool injury ahead of the Fulham match as the medical department disapproves of him for Strasbourg

Liverpool youngster has left Jurgen Klopp concerned as an injury rules him out for the Fulham match.

Source: Outlook India

Liverpool youngster has raised concerns for Jurgen Klopp as an injury rules him out for the Fulham match.

Liverpool’s forthcoming Premier League opener against Fulham, who recently got a promotion to the Premier League. Jurgen Klopp admits having some concerns regarding a probable injury to Curtis Jones.

The medical staff made a decision that the Englishman couldn’t play in the team’s final preseason match against Strasbourg. Moreover, the “additional tests” are essential to evaluate how serious the issue is.

Curtis Jones’ injury concerns Klopp

Klopp told the club’s official website:

“Naby is ill, so no. Curtis, we have to see. [There] was no impact or whatever, so that always makes it a bit.

My god, what could it be? We had no time; he felt it today, and he wanted to play desperately, but then the medical department said no and that we needed to make further tests. We will do that tomorrow and then we will know more.”

The midfield choices for the team are already poor due to Alex Oxlade-long-term Chamberlain’s injury. So, the manager won’t benefit from another lengthy absence once preseason training is through.

One would reasonably assume that a fourth senior acquisition is imminent should the scans return with negative news. Given that Klopp did say a midfield addition before the summer window closes will be taken into consideration should serious injuries stack up in the team?

It would be a very badly timed setback for the 21-year-old’s development in the midst of internet criticism of the Scouser in reaction to his season’s objective. Moreover, this was the season that he was hoping will be a transforming campaign.

Apart from Curtis Jones, Defender Ibrahim Konate has also been subject to an injury. The Frenchman was limping off with an Injury after Liverpool lost 3-0 to Stratousborg.

The injury concerns might be an early sign of worry to Jurgen Klopp but it looks like the Reds have enough squad depth to counter a couple of injuries.

While it will be interesting to see what lineup will the boss play to kick off Liverpool’s new campaign. Will there be any changes in the formation? We will have to wait and see as Liverpool’s new Premier League campaign is all set to begin on Saturday.

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