Jurgen Klopp’s boys nearing 39-year-old Bob Paisley record

Jurgen Klopp’s boys nearing 39-year-old Bob Paisley record

Bob Paisley record is near to being broken since Liverpool have got onto a fabulous start this season. It looks like they will rewrite the record books as they aim higher and get ready for a trip to Manchester United. The Reds will be looking to capitalize and consolidate their commanding form.

Liverpool’s wonderful start of the 2021-22 campaign was tested against Atletico Madrid in their Champions League clash. However, the Reds managed to prevail over Diego Simeone’s boys and solidified their unbeaten run.

In spite of the tough challenges offered by all the opponents, Liverpool has shown great determination and character. They have nailed each of their performances being through thick and thin. Jurgen Klopp’s Reds have not lost a single match since April 6 when they took on Real Madrid.

Liverpool have played 21 games and their encounter so far comprises 15 wins and 6 draws. In this duration, The Reds have conceded only 17 goals. This run has helped them to gain confidence and grow stronger.

Bob Paisley record on hunt

Bob Paisley 39 year-old record

This takes us back to history to see the club’s next best run that came 32 years ago. It was under Sir Kenny Dalglish that Liverpool mastered another unbeaten streak of 24 matches in 1989. Unfortunately, this run sadly ended in a defeat against Arsenal on the final day to deny Liverpool the league title.

In 1987-88, a similar record was noted in the history book. On the other hand, in 1982, Bob Paisley’s men went unbeaten on 25 games. This leaves the current lot with five matches more to reach the same target.

With fixtures comprising of Manchester United, Preston, Brighton, Atletico Madrid and West Ham, this looks uneasy despite the great form. Klopp’s men look promising indeed with the way they have been playing but achieving this feat will not be easy.

The clubs facing Liverpool in the next 5 fixtures should be aware of the fact that the Reds have been able to score three or more goals in their last eight away matches. This might be threatening for teams in England and across Europe to ponder upon.    

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