Jurgen Klopp got a text from FSG after Real Madrid defeated Liverpool

 Jurgen Klopp updates the Liverpool transfer market after losing to Brighton 2-1.

Source: EduZim

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has been instructed to revamp his squad after they suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Real Madrid.

Klopp’s historic Reds finally reached the end of the cycle. The team needs a complete overhaul to regain its status as the European elites.

After a humiliating 5-2 defeat at the hands of current Champions League champions, the Merseyside giants need to change things very quickly. This defeat has now been signaled as “the end of an era”.

Pundits advises Jurgen Klopp after humiliation from Real Madrid

Premier League pundits, Jamie Carragher, and Thierry Henry both suggested that the current group is underperforming. They feel these players are no longer able to play “Jurgen Klopp football” to the levels they were used to.

Club legend Carragher insisted that the Reds needed to invest not only in the midfield area but also at the back four. He had also recently criticized the Red’s defending in the set pieces.

The club owners FSG declared last year that they were looking for new investment, even though there were talks that the Reds could be sold to a new owner. But no further development is seen.

FSG has been largely criticized for not spending much more than their rival clubs. The English giants had a net spending of £254M on the other hand Chelsea and Manchester United have spent £654M and £540M respectively.

Klopp on FSG

The Merseyside club’s head coach always defended FSG for their approach in the transfer market. The German has always had said

“I Believe in coaching, I believe in developing, I believe in team-building and using those things 100%”

Although he also has revealed back in 2021

“At the beginning I received a message from the US saying ,‘Sorry for the squad we’ve given you ,

But all was good I replied, it just needs time.”

This time the owners need to back Klopp based on both time and money, to turn this team back into European elites.

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