Is Peter Krawietz to proxy Jurgen Klopp against Shrewsbury on Sunday?

Is Peter Krawietz to proxy Jurgen Klopp against Shrewsbury on Sunday?

Who is Peter Krawietz? The man in contention to stand in for Klopp against Shrewsbury if the Reds boss is unable to attend due to Covid-19.

With both Jurgen Klopp and Pep Lijnders out due to testing positive for Covid-19, Liverpool’s assistant manager Peter Krawietz is in line to be in the hot seat on Sunday.

There is big uncertainty on whether Jurgen Klopp will be joining his team or not on Sunday. Moreover, Assistant Manager Pepijn Lijnders is also out and hence it is anticipated that Peter Krawietz will be doing the pre-match rituals.

So who is Peter Krawietz? And what is his role in Liverpool?

A German football coach who started coaching U-8’s as a teenager. Klopp and Krawietz have worked together for more than 20 years.

Similar to Klopp’s coaching career, Krawietz started his career in Mainz as a video analyst joining the German side in 1996. At that time Jurgen Klopp was still a player at Mainz playing at the right-back position.

Krawietz was promoted to Chief scout in 2001 by Klopp after he took over the charge of the head coach in Mainz. And since then the pair have been together and share a solid bond between themselves.

In 2015, upon Klopp’s appointment as the manager of Liverpool, Krawietz travelled alongside Klopp to the Merseyside. Thus, now he works as an assistant manager at Anfield.

During an interview on the club’s official website in 2020, Krawietz speaks about his role in Liverpool.

I’m analysing, thinking about football.

Pep is preparing training sessions and I’m the part who is thinking about our game constantly.

So preparing the next game is the main part. We have a look at the next opponent we face – what we can expect, what we will have to do, where are our solutions.

Preparing this, preparing the team and leading up to a video meeting, where we want to be precise and want to show our players exactly what will be our solutions for the next game. This is the main part.

This keeps you busy, I can tell you!

Why is he called ‘The Eye’?

Krawietz is the man who mostly works behind the scenes. The 50 years old works on analysis, scouting, and set-pieces. And that’s how the nickname ‘The Eye’ has come, due to his mastery in visual analysis.

Krawietz gives Klopp the vision required by Liverpool’s boss. It will be an unusual sighting for the Liverpool fans to see Peter Krawietz on the sideline. And thus giving on-field instructions to players as a manager.

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