Havoc for Liverpool and City fans, as traveling to Wembley is an issue

Havoc for Liverpool and City fans, as traveling to Wembley is an issue

FA Cup semi-finalists Liverpool and Manchester City fans facing traveling issues ahead of their clash at Wembley a crucial tie.

The chaos could really play on the players’ minds considering the high intensity of the game.

The road to Wembley for Liverpool and Man City

The two teams Liverpool and City have rightly earned their place in the semi-finals. They qualified by beating Nottingham Forrest and Southampton respectively in the quarter-final matches.

Liverpool overcame Nottingham 1-0 which proved to be a tough battle for both sides. Considering the giant-killing ‘spree’ Forrest was on.

Whereas, City got in with a comfortable win over premier league foes Southampton in their third attempt of the season.

A crucial FA Cup tie at Wembley awaits for both sides as Klopp and Pep will be up against each other in the semis.

The problem in hand

‘Traditionally’ the Cup Semifinal and Final games are played at the Wembley Stadium.

But, the issue this time around is due to ‘planned Engineering work’ which will see trains canceled from ‘London Euston’.

The said dates for the ‘work’ are from the 15th – 18th of April. While the clash between the teams is going to take place on the 16th of April.

The trip to Wembley can be ‘costly’ for the fans, including the stay and travel.

City fans traveling will have a one-change route to reach Wembley. Whereas the trip from Liverpool would require them to change 4 times for the 5-hour odd journey.

Manager’s Say

How is that possible?

So the north-west of England is cut off from the rest of England. This time literally.

I hope and think there should be [a solution]. Don’t know which kind of solutions are available. I hope somebody who knows more about it than I do finds a solution, that would be cool.

If we could play with supporters that would be really cool – both teams [affected], wow!

To be honest, games at Wembley are always special. Watching your team play at Wembley makes it one of the highlights of the season.

But sadly, for both Liverpool and City fans, it’s an uphill task to even reach there.

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