Football pundit Micah Richards hails former Liverpool star as ‘best player in the league’

Football pundit Micah Richards hails former Liverpool star as ‘best player in the league’

Former Liverpool number 10 Philippe Coutinho, rated as the “best player” in the League when he left the club. The current Aston Villa player is included in Micah Richards’ best ‘Number 10’ list.

Michah Richards spoke about this recently in a podcast through The BBC channels, as Gary Linekar was alongside him.

Micah Richards and Gary Linekar went on to say

Coutinho, he’s a breathtakingly talented footballer, he didn’t quite do it at Barcelona though did he? We saw him at Liverpool, bending them into the top corner

In response to Linekar, this is what Micah Richards said,

I’m surprised it didn’t work out for him though, I thought it would have been perfect for him, when he left he was the best player in the league wasn’t he?

On this recent Podcast, Micah Richards and Gary Linekar were discussing, the former Liverpool player.

Current form of The Brazilian

As we all know, Coutinho could not ‘click’ at Barca the way he did at Liverpool, but being back in the league after stints with Barcelona and Bayern Munich he looks as ‘solid’ as ever.

He has returned to the coveted Premier League with a ‘bang’ one can claim, as he scored the ‘decisive’ goal on his debut for Aston Villa against Manchester United.

The Brazilian winger has joined Micah Richards’ former club Aston Villa on loan until the end of the season. He has ‘re-united’ with his former Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard, who is the current manager of the club.

Coutinho has scored 4 goals in 10 appearances for the Birmingham based side. Philippe Coutinho would definitely look to find his ‘magic’ and help the team in finishing on a ‘high’ and in the top half of the ‘Premier League Table’ this season.

Seeing where would Philippe Coutinho land next season is going to be interesting. That whether he ‘signs’ a permanent deal with Villa or returns to ‘Camp Nou’.

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