Fixture Update: 5 Liverpool fixtures have been rescheduled

Fixture Update: 5 Liverpool fixtures have been rescheduled

The October TV schedule for Premier League has been announced, with Liverpool fixtures to be rescheduled.

The TV picks for August and September were already confirmed in July. Now five league games in October are rescheduled to be televised in the United Kingdom. With that, the first three months of Liverpool’s fixture for the Premier League calendar are now in place.

Apart from Liverpool’s home match against Manchester City. Four more games are scheduled for television in October, including their trip to Emirates.

Liverpool October fixtures broadcast picks

Liverpool will play six games in the Premier League Campaign during the month of October. Five out of six fixtures picked by broadcasters to broadcast in the UK. Moreover, the Reds have three Champions League group stage fixtures in October.

The first game of the month is against Brighton at Anfield on October 1st. The broadcasters didn’t pick this fixture and it won’t be aired in the UK. Then the Reds Play their Champions League group stage match 3 on the 4th or 5th of October.

Liverpool’s trip to Emirates to face Arsenal on the 9th aired on Sky Sports.

Champions League group stage match 4 played on the 11th and 12th of the month.

Liverpool host the Champions Manchester City on 16th October and Sky Sports will air it live in the UK.

The mid-week game at the Merseyside on 19th October will feature Reds taking on Hammers. Will be aired on Amazon prime.

Nottingham Forest will play the Reds on Saturday, October 22nd live on BT Sport.

On the 25th or 26th, Liverpool will play the fifth group stage fixture of the Champions league.

Liverpool vs Leeds united on October 30, is the fifth game that got rescheduled and will be shown on Sky Sports.

Two of Liverpool’s fixtures will be rescheduled again. If they are playing the group stage matches of the Champions League on the following Tuesdays.

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