Andy Robertson breaks record and shines as a true example

Andy Robertson breaks record and shines as a true example

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Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson makes a new record in the Premier League and stands out as an example to others.

Andy Robertson combines performance and dependability as he sets a new record

Jurgen Klopp’s team led 3-1 by the time the man responsible for much of Liverpool’s recent success entered the field. As it turned out, Coutinho’s return to Liverpool coincided with a game in which Alisson and Virgil van Dijk provided yet another example of how the $142 million received from his 2018 transfer to Barcelona was wisely spent.

Long ago, Andy Robertson had surpassed Coutinho. His most recent achievement was passing Leighton Baines. His 54th Premier League assist was one more than the veteran Evertonian and 16 more than the Brazilian combined.

Robbo is a Scouser!


“I’m not into individual things but when you put that in the Premier League against some unbelievable defenders it is always nice to see yourself at the top.”

Alexander-Arnold, perhaps there is one defender that he enjoys seeing below him on the rankings, if just in jest. Robertson is more reliable and efficient than Alexander-Arnold, whose passing range and inventiveness are more lauded. As a result, during a season in which the right-oddly back’s protracted wait for a first assist has continued, Robertson has eight assists across all competitions.

Robertson combines an individual event, a reflection of Klopp’s strategies, and a symptom of a broader trend. Four of Robertson’s 54 assists were for Hull, one for Liverpool before to the transfer of Coutinho to Barcelona, and 49 after that. He’s on track to post a fourth season with double digits.

Robertson, who Klopp recruited from relegated Hull, is a tribute to his scouting and coaching. Klopp has a carefree disregard for the figures. However, an £8 million cost didn’t just provide Liverpool with a left foot that could be trained to cross, it also got them the kind of player dedicated to learning and developing to make the most of his skills.

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