Jurgen Klopp smirks at the response of Robertson to how he communicates with Nunez

Jurgen Klopp smirks at the response of Robertson to how he communicates with Nunez

Following his major move to Liverpool this summer, Darwin Nunez is still getting to know his teammates. And it will definitely take some time for Nunez to comprehend Andy Robertson.

Darwin Nunez is a Liverpool signing that has had the biggest hype in recent memory.

The Uruguayan completed his highly anticipated move to Anfield last month. The Merseyside giants broke their previous record for the highest transfer fee when they signed him. They signed for a fee of £85m (skysports). This was more than what they have paid for anyone, in fact, £10M more than what they paid for Virgil Van Dijk.

As Nunez is not a native English speaker he speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and he will find it difficult to adapt in England.

How Robertson communicates with Darwin Nunez

The players who speak his language are assisting Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson in integrating into the team, he said during a news conference today. However, when asked how he interacts with his new teammate, Jurgen Klopp laughed at Robertson’s response.

He said:

“I don’t think me and him have had many conversations yet, we’ve just kind of smiled at each other.”

Getting to know Robertson on all levels—the English language, the Scottish accent, the banter, and the general shenanigans the left-back enjoys around the practice field. Nunez will undoubtedly take some time. But once the 23-year-old gets the hang of it, he’ll undoubtedly adore his new Scottish friend.

The Scottish International is known to be badass on and off the field. The guy collided with his idol Lionel Messi in UCL 2018-19 Semi-Final second leg. He also shoved Ronaldo in a Liverpool-Manchester encounter this season.

So, you can say that whenever you are in trouble, and Robbo is your teammate, he will even fight the god for you. While it will be interesting to see how the Scottish and the Uruguayan tune in when the next season starts.

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