Who will Liverpool face in the Round of 16 of the Champions League? The draws are out

Who will Liverpool face in the Round of 16 of the Champions League? The draws are out

One of the most awaited UEFA Champions League draws are out again with some exciting fixtures to watch out for as Liverpool now prepares to battle FC Salzburg in the Round of 16.

Liverpool recently created history by becoming the first English side to win all 6 of their group games in the UEFA Champions League. Thus, with this, the Reds finished at the top spot in the group table.

Therefore, the former Premier League champions were supposed to be drawn against one of the sides, who ended their group stage as a runner’s up.

As usual, teams from the same country cannot face each other in the Round of 16, nor can those clubs face each other who had already met in the group stage. Thus, Liverpool had 6 possible opponents against which they could have been drawn for the first stage of knockout clashes.

  1. Paris Saint-Germain
  2. Sporting CP
  3. Inter Milan
  4. Benfica
  5. Villarreal
  6. Salzburg

The Liverpool fans around the world were eagerly waiting for the draws of the Round of 16. Moreover, they were also hoping that Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t come their way so early in the competition.

Liverpool will tie their knots with FC Salzburg for the Round of 16 in the Champions League kncok out stage

Liverpool will face the first time entrant FC Salzburg in the Round of 16. This can be considered as one of the easiest draws for Liverpool.

The first leg is going to take place in the month of February (2022) which will be an away fixture for Liverpool. While in the second Liverpool will welcome to Anfield in the month of March.

What’s different about the UCL knockout stages this year?

One of the biggest changes which will be commencing from this season’s Champions League is scrapping of the away goals rule.

Meaning, there won’t be any advantage to the team scoring away goals anymore. Thus, if the ties of any team reflect the scoreline to be level after battling 180 minutes, the match will go to extra time irrespective of the no. of home and away goals a team has scored.

Moreover, if the teams still cannot be separated after the extra 30 minutes, a penalty shoot-out will decide the results.

Exciting or unfair? Well, the debatable rule has divided the footballing world into two separate halves. However, it will be exciting for the neutral’s as one can expect to see more penalty spot deciders.

There was a technical issue due to which the draws took place again naming it as “Redraws”. Thus, the above-mentioned team won’t be facing Liverpool in the Round of 16.

According to Re-draws Liverpool will be facing Inter Milan.

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