When Ian Rush won a trophy on his second day at Liverpool

When Ian Rush won a trophy on his second day at Liverpool

The debut of Ian Rush with Liverpool was amazing after having the winner’s medal on his neck after just his second day at Liverpool in 1981.

New players always want to make a good first impression. A recent example would be Luis Diaz, who won two trophies in 24 games, a remarkably illustrious start to his life in Anfield. And while his first League Cup was impressive with only six games, Rush won the same trophy in his second game in Liverpool.

Ian Rush League Cup win on his second day at Liverpool

Ian Rush came in 1980 after Bob Paisley agreed terms with Chester for the 19-year-old. A sum of £300,000 was paid which marked the beginning of the Liverpool legend. However, his first season was a bit more subdued than the rest of his career, but in April 1981, after a 1-1 draw with West Ham, Rush was selected to play in the replay.

It was his second appearance and second start for the Reds, along with, Sir Kenny Dalglish, Alan Hansen, Ray Kennedy, Phil Thompson and Ray Clemence. His name was not on the scoresheet as Liverpool won 2-1. Where Dalglish and Hansen gained that honour, but that day Rush lifted the first of Liverpool’s 15 major honours.

“I played two games and won the winner’s medal.”

Rush recalled in an interview with EFL. Additionally, this was his first trophy from his first 78 League Cup appearances has won four more tournaments, scoring a total of 48 goals. This tournament record has not been broken yet.

“It’s special to be the record goal scorer for this cup alongside Sir Geoff Hurst. I won four times in a row, but I wanted to win that much. We wanted to win it, we wanted to win the Europa League and FA Cup.”

And they won, and Rush was in his debut season. He won the European Cup and built his career in Liverpool with 660 games and an astonishing 346 goals.

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