‘We got them’: West Ham player adamant ‘we are going to finish higher than Liverpool’

Michail Antonio predicts West Ham vs Liverpool

In a football face-off set to stir the Premier League, Liverpool and West Ham are poised to clash at Anfield this Sunday.

West Ham’s Michail Antonio labels the encounter a ‘six-pointer,’ highlighting its pivotal significance, as per The Footballer’s Football Show.

Currently, West Ham occupies sixth place, trailing Liverpool by a mere three points, with the Reds yet to taste defeat this season.

Antonio’s Ambition Ahead of Liverpool and West Ham Clash

Antonio exudes confidence in his team’s potential, boldly asserting,

“I think we are going to finish higher than Liverpool this season. Listen, I am putting it out there. I watched the game (Liverpool at Wolves) because it was just before our game.

Listen, Wolves could have run away with it. They had quite a few opportunities. We got them this weekend. It’s a six-pointer. We got them!”

However, Callum Wilson quips with humor, teasing Antonio’s ambitious vision,

“Michail, wake up! Wake up! I think he is having one of those dreams again.”

European Campaigns’ Influence – West Ham vs Liverpool

The Europa League’s demanding nature could potentially impact both teams’ Premier League performance.

Although the Champions League stands as the pinnacle, the toll of European campaigns on players cannot be overlooked.

Liverpool’s superior squad depth may prove advantageous should both teams embark on extended European journeys.

On Thursday, Liverpool will face LASK while West Ham will lock horns with Backa Topola to kick off their Europa League campaign this season.

Salah’s Saudi Transfer Saga

In the realm of transfer drama, West Ham’s Antonio sheds light on Mohamed Salah’s close call with a move to Saudi Arabia.

Despite a hefty £150 million offer from Al-Ittihad, Liverpool stood firm, refusing to release their prized asset.

A rumored £200 million bid on the cards later in the transfer window ultimately fizzled out. Salah, however, maintained a professional stance throughout.

Salah’s Unique Motivation

Antonio provides a unique perspective, suggesting Salah’s potential move wasn’t driven by financial gains, but rather by the desire to seek fresh challenges.

He emphasizes Salah’s accomplished tenure at Liverpool, implying that the move to Saudi Arabia would have been a logical step forward for the accomplished forward.

As the Premier League narrative unfolds, the clash between Liverpool and West Ham promises to be a pivotal chapter.

With aspirations high and players at their peak, the outcome of this encounter may have far-reaching implications for both teams’ campaigns this season.

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