Van Dijk shuts pundits over Manchester United’s star criticism

Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk has slammed pundits for criticizing Lisandro Martinez for having a short stature.

Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk has slammed pundits for criticizing Lisandro Martinez for having short stature.

Lisandro Martinez has swiftly shown that he has what it takes to be successful there. He did it with a string of impressive displays for Manchester United.

Jamie Carragher claimed he was too little to play in the Premier League. And he was among the commentators who were eager to criticise him early in the season.

Martinez already has the support he needs on the field. But it’s still interesting to see Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk publicly criticize Carragher’s remarks.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, which really started to accumulate with Martinez’s standout performance against Liverpool back in August, Carragher has yet to apologize and accept he was mistaken.

Martinez had played against him, so he was in a good position to respond and praised his fellow expert.

Van Dijk contradicts pundits idealogy & believes Martinez has got what it needs to be at the top

Virgil Van Dijk said:

 “People talking about Lisandro Martínez and his height, are talking absolute rubbish. It can help as a center-back if you’re a bit taller. But what he’s done since coming to the Premier League, has been good.”

Martinez has nine clean sheets this season in all competitions and six in his previous seven game. He has started each and every game for Manchester United this season.

In the previous twelve hours of play, United has only allowed one goal, a penalty at Chelsea.

Martinez has played with two different defensive partners since then. And has maintained this record despite colleague Raphael Varane’s injury in that game.

The pundits who dismissed him, including Graeme Souness and Jamie Redknapp, are unlikely to offer an apology. And there are undoubtedly others who will wait for him to play poorly before launching another rant.

He is well-known to Manchester United fans who have been following him every week. And it appears that Virgil van Dijk is also aware of his talent.

Lisandro Martinez is also an important part of Lionel Messi’s Argentina. And Argentina is going to this World Cup campaign as one of the favorites to lift the cup. Thus, van Dijk believes Lisandro Martinez is one of the most important members for their side.

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