The text conversation between Klopp and Lijnders after the Premier League title agony

The text conversation between Klopp and Lijnders after the Premier League title agony

After a thrilling final day of the 2021/22 season. Pep Lijnders has revealed the text messages he exchanged with Jurgen Klopp afterwards.

Liverpool lost the premier league title by one point for the second time in the last four seasons. On the final day of 2021/22, the Reds needed a win against wolves and hoped Aston villa to hold Manchester City from winning at home.

Aston Villa took a 2-0 lead at the Etihad Stadium, while the Reds were tied at 1-1 at Anfield. In the 84th minute, Mohamed Salah puts the Reds ahead, before Andy Robertson sealed the victory with his late goal. However, City’s incredible comeback saw them retain their title and heartbreak for Liverpool.

Klopp and Lijnders texts

Liverpool assistant manager Lijnders has revealed the messages he and Klopp exchanged the next day in his new book Intensity.

the Dutchman said in one excerpt from his book,

“The morning after, I woke up to a text from Jurgen: ‘What a season’,

I respond: “We took everything out of it.

What a journey… so much happened but always improving, keeping them fit, focused and hungry for the whole decisive period.

We played each game, how bizarre is that. Men on a mission we were!

Important we won yesterday. I think we wouldn’t have forgiven ourselves… Honestly, just really proud here!

Tomorrow will be great, staff together getting your prize. Enjoy the day off!!!

I’m sure by this point you can guess what he wrote back… “OUR prize.”

Lijnders also praised Klopp for his words to the players after the game and he also pointed out how important Jorden Henderson is as a captain who is critical in maintaining his teammates’ faith. The season was not over at that point for the Reds as they were preparing for another Champions League final against Real Madrid.

He concluded Saying

“The only way for a club to be successful is with pure leadership, from top to bottom. Because it’s like this: the only path to continuous improvement is to compete against yourself.

Brilliant words from a fantastic football team’s fantastic coach.

The new season will begin in a couple of weeks and every Red must be excited to have an eye on the performance of the newcomers. While the Premier League fans and neutrals will be expecting it to not be a two-horse race again.

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