The New Champions League rules will have a crucial effect on Liverpool

The New Champions League rules will have a crucial effect on Liverpool

A potential new Champions League rules to commence from the coming 2024/25 season and Liverpool may be happy with one probable development.

For years Premier League teams have become habituated to the current Champions League qualification model. The teams get their reward according to their league finish.

Generally, first, second, third, and fourth get an automatic place in a 32-team Champions League competition.

According to a report from The Athletic, from the 2024-25 season, under a potential new model, that could all change. From 2024/25, UEFA will increase the number of competing sides in the Champions league-proper to 32 to 36.

The competition will use the so-called ‘Swiss model’. The competition will see every team playing in a single league instead of a standard group stage, with a guarantee of at least 10 games apiece.

Moreover, Two of the four new spots up for grabs will be handed to teams with the best historical performance who finished outside the Champions League spots in their domestic league in the previous season.

The Athletic claim that UEFA secretary general Giorgio Marchetti has explained this to Europe’s leading sides. In April UEFA will discuss the new model. And if approval comes by May, the new rules will begin in the 2024-25 season.

One of the new Champions League rules might make Liverpool happy

Two of the four new spots would go to the best historical performance clubs. A club finishing just outside the Champions League qualification spots in their own league can qualify for Champions League competition.

A club’s historical performance in the last five years of the competition is crucial for the two co-efficient places. The proposals would see clubs who finish outside the Champions League places in their domestic leagues, compete for two places, which would then be decided by coefficient ranking.

In short, the new ruling could provide Liverpool renewed security in their Champions League qualification.

Moreover, according to the reports in The Guardian, the report claims that members of the European Club Association, an organization that includes 10 Premier League sides including Liverpool, are to lobby UEFA to allow two teams to qualify for the Champions League based on part on their coefficient, which calculates continental performance in the competition over a five-year period.

Isn’t the Champions League transforming into something similar to the European Super League?

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