‘Difference of opinion between Virgil van Dijk and Netherland’s Boss

‘Difference of opinion between Virgil van Dijk and Netherland’s Boss

Liverpool star and Netherlands captain Virgil Van Dijk has come out in public to discuss the ‘tactics’ of the national team Boss. Louis Van Gaal the manager of the team is keen on sticking to his ‘applied and tested formation’.

Virgil van Dijk has ‘agreed’ that the current formation of 3-4-3 is not his ‘preferred’ one.

Virgil van Dijk explains the situation

The captain still favours the ‘4-3-3’ formation rather than the current formation of ‘3-4-3’. But the current manager has been using his strong ‘3-4-3’ formula to get maximum results.

Louis van Gaal’s approach has been a ‘defensive’ in modern times as well, wherein teams look for maximum attack.

Virgil who plays an attacking ‘style’ of football at the club, is involved in the final-thirds for Liverpool frequently.

He goes on to say,

Of course, we are playing in a new system, different things are required of the players. But I think we showed a lot of good things,

Do I like the system? Well, I’m still in favor of 4-3-3, but I’m not the national coach and the national coach has a very strong opinion about it

As reported by The Mail.

The National team manager was ‘quick’ to respond on the comments of his captain, he replied;

I know he has that preference, he always said this publicly,” he said of Van Dijk.

We already had this debate when I came here. The manager decides the tactics.

The ‘results’ of Manager

Since Louis van Gaal took the reigns of the National team for his ‘third stint’ the manager remains unbeaten in his eight matches so far.

The Oranje conceded twice in one game on Saturday against Denmark after keeping four clean sheets and allowing only four goals in their past seven outings in a 4-3-3 formation.

Being deployed in the middle of a ‘back three’ Virgil van Dijk did not seem happy at the end of the game against Denmark’

The forth-coming match against a ‘solid’ Germany could be interesting to watch, given the public discussion of the team tactics.

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