Roman Abramovich selling Chelsea, could benefit Liverpool

Roman Abramovich selling Chelsea, could benefit Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp can get his Liverpool transfer target at last from the potential sale of Chelsea by their Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

Before we look into how Liverpool could benefit themselves from the potential sale of Chelsea, let’s first understand why is Roman Abramovich willing to sell Chelsea Football Club?

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich brought Chelsea in 2003. Since then the Blues have evolved as a giant in World Football. Abramovich has overseen 19 major trophies so far which includes 5 Premier League and 2 Champions League titles.

But lately, before Chelsea’s FA Cup win at Luton Town, owner Roman Abramovich confirmed he is willing to sell the club. The move comes after Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine, which led to the UK Government’s sanctions aimed at Russian Businesspersons.

UK Government’s threat could lead all the Russian oligarch’s property in the UK could be frozen and he could lose control of Chelsea Football Club.

Moreover, since 2018 Abramovich has had trouble with UK Authorities. His application to renew his investor visa was put on hold indefinitely, without any explanation.

Abramovich wouldn’t make an appearance on Chelsea’s home ground at Stamford Bridge, until 2021. He arrived in London on an Israeli passport (holders don’t require a visa).

Abramovich is clearly caught up in geopolitical tensions, he’s already trying to sell £200m worth of property in central London. Also willing to bid goodbye to his most valuable UK asset Chelsea Football Club.

Liverpool could take advantage if Roman Abramovich sells Chelsea

Liverpool could sense a belated opportunity in the potential sale of Chelsea FC, and Abramovich’s departure could have multiple ripple effects.

Roman Abramovich in his statement clearly mentioned:

I will not be asking for any loans to be repaid.

There are talks the amount to be in the region of £1.5bn. Nonetheless, with various associations linked, new owners are unlikely to have the same almost limitless resources as the Russian oligarch brought to the table.

With new owners coming in, a degree of squad-trimming could well take place.

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp is taking measures to rebuild the squad for the coming years. With Diogo Jota, Ibrahima Konate, and Luis Diaz coming in recent times.

Moreover, Players like Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott are now prominent members of the first-team squad at a very young age. And bringing in players like Timo Werner or Kai Havertz from Chelsea to Liverpool makes sense (given Chelsea’s situation).

In the summer of 2020, Timo Werner was on verge of getting a transfer to Liverpool, but instead, Werner went to Chelsea.

But the German has underperformed in Blues shirt since his move. Moreover, under Thomas Tuchel, Werner featured for just 575 minutes in the Premier League.

But Werner could still have a place in Klopp’s Liverpool. The 25-year-old is a talent for sure who isn’t a fit at Chelsea.

Klopp for surely be the guy who can bring Werner’s previous form of RB Leipzig days back ultimately benefitting Liverpool.

And talking about one German to another, Kai Havertz is another name that actually fits Liverpool’s bill very well. To be honest, Havertz can be Firmino’s successor.

After a slow start to his Chelsea career, Havertz has proved himself to be a prominent figure for the Blues.

The 22-year-old has got attributes of Roberto Firmino. The German was excellent in the EFL Cup Final, dropping into pockets in the manner of a prime Roberto Firmino.

Imagine Jota, Havertz, and Diaz as Liverpool attack for the future. The trio would be devastating to any team.

But dealing between the Premier League’s “Big Six” is rare nowadays but with the Abramovich situation causing turmoil, it might finally be time to complete the plan.

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