PUBG Mobile agrees on collaboration with Liverpool Football Club

PUBG Mobile agrees on collaboration with Liverpool Football Club

PUBG Mobile has decided to announce its collaboration with Liverpool Football Club. Thus, now this mobile game will bring Liverpool content into PUBG Mobile for the first time. This is the first time PUBG has decided to build a relationship with a football club.

There are many benefits to this move. Players playing PUBG will earn free and exclusive Liverpool costumes by a series of completing classic mode games. This will surely get people from all over the world buzzing, especially Liverpool fans who play PUBG.

“Liverpool Football Club and PUBG are two of the biggest brands in the world. This partnership seems to be exciting and innovative as they form a hallmark for sports and gaming fraternities.”

This was stated by Michael Rocha-Keys, chief executive officer of EMW Global.

“In a world that is increasing and developing digitally, we take pride in engaging with our fans on large scale. Drew Crisp, the senior vice president of digital, Liverpool FC said so. This is expected to turn out well for both the sides.”

PUBG Mobile and Liverpool collaboration a win-win situation for both the parties

PUBG Mobile and Liverpool have agreed to collaborate

With the growth of online gaming and evolving among fans, PUBG Mobile is one of the best platforms to connect. This is a wonderful opportunity for fans to embrace themselves and enhance their love for the club. This brings them on one platform and also a love for football into the digital world.

Liverpool FC were champions of the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League. Now players also have the privilege of donning the Liverpool FC gear.

“Teamwork is the most important principle in PUBG to those who want to win. This is the best way relate to football as the exact principle is the core here as well.” Vincent Wang, head of PUBG Mobile publishing said so.

PUBG Mobile feels that they have found the perfect partner for abundant growth. This will help both the parties to strengthen and grow together. The collaboration between Liverpool FC and PUBG Mobile is a part of the latest version 1.6 update. There are new modes added now to this version.

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