Premier League may oppose the rumored Liverpool takeover because of Man City

Liverpool takeover

A Liverpool takeover seems inevitable. However, Man City can be the reason Premier League might interfere.

Man City’s ownership might come in between the Liverpool takeover

American ownership firm FSG, which has controlled Liverpool and Anfield since 2010, has allegedly put Manchester City’s typical championship rivals, Liverpool, up for sale. FSG claims they are open to proposals for the team and have prepared a sales pitch for potential investors in an effort to entice offers.

But who has more than £4 billion to invest in a Premier League soccer team? The richest state finances, such as those of Saudi Arabia (Newcastle United), Qatar (Paris Saint-Germain), and Abu Dhabi (Man City), are also off the table. Britain’s richest man, Jim Ratcliffe, has already ruled himself out.

The most likely approach will come from America, as we saw when Todd Boehly and his associates purchased Chelsea. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, meanwhile, has also been suggested. Four years before FSG came, in 2006, Al Maktoum made an offer to purchase Liverpool. However, since then, significant development has taken place.

The Premier League rules

Al Maktoum now serves as Dubai’s ruler. And it is inextricably linked to the neighboring area of Abu Dhabi. Al Maktoum and Mansour, the owner of City, thus have extremely similar interests. Furthermore, Mansour, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, is wed to the Al Maktoum family’s daughter.

According to the Premier League rule:

“Either directly or indirectly he/she is involved in or has any power to determine or influence the management or administration of another Club or Football League club, or either directly or indirectly he/she holds or acquires any Significant Interest in a Club while he/she either directly or indirectly holds any interest in any class of Shares of another Club.”

The Premier League’s rulebook states that a candidate does not qualify if: Either directly or indirectly he/she/it is engaged in or has any authority to control or influence the management or administration of another Club. Prospective owners and directors must pass an owners and directors test before being accepted into the league.

Al Maktoum could still be able to pass the owners test, considering how subjective the procedure has shown to be in recent years, particularly with Newcastle’s takeover.

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