Premier League – Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth: Player Ratings

Premier League – Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth: Player Ratings

Liverpool gets their first Premier League victory of the season as they thrash Bournemouth, winning 9-0 against the opponents.

Liverpool FC vs Bournemouth: Player Ratings

Goal Keepers and Defenders

Alisson Becker (GK) – 8/10

About all he had to do in the first 20 minutes was make two simple save. But he was quick off his line and out of the box near the half-hour mark to win a race to a through ball that otherwise felt dangerous. You must have had a fantastic view of a lot of red shirts racing today.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (RB) – 9/10

For thirty minutes of link-up play, he was quiet and consistently nice without acting in an outlandishly good or negative way after giving the ball away in the center circle. He helped in winning it back, advanced, and fired the season’s cleanest shot. It went directly into the top bins for a score of 3-0. Magic cross felt to be a lot more effective and confident overall for the sixth as well.

Joe Gomez (CB) – 7.5/10

Really good recovery pace when it was essential. He played well out of the back, and on one occasion, he was beaten in a tackle. But he simply ran back and beat the same opponent the second time.

Virgil van Dijk (CB) – 7/10

We won’t be openly criticizing anyone today, of course. But we can still say that Virgil isn’t back to his best. But the passing was excellent, with many long-range switches. And it was able to advance much farther upfield this time than it did the week before.

Andrew Robertson (LB) – 8.5/10

Robbo, it’s good to have you back. Numerous runs down the flank, overlapping, and a couple of crosses, including a corner assist, were made.


Jordan Henderson (CM)- 7.7/10

Perhaps a surprising starter after his performance at Old Trafford. Things didn’t get any better as he continually lost the ball in the center and got in the way of other teammates. There is a lot of build-up activity and recovery running. Among those who must ensure that today is not an anomaly.

Elliot (CM) – 9.5/10

Totally outstanding finish—the first attempt in the far corner. A fantastic run led by a potential assist for Salah. The most productive midfielder at the club so far this season had a strong first half before being withdrawn at the break.

Fabinho (CM) – 9/10

We are all happy to see Fabinho back in his ball-winning, game-winning, all-encompassing midfield form. Nothing more to add; he was simply outstanding.


Mohamed Salah (RW) – 8/10

Nine goals, but Mo only has one? True, but this is still a crucial point for the cause. Staying wide early on really strained the defense, and it paid off twice.

It’s fair to say that it should have scored from one yard out (and from six yards in the second half). But it was frequently the out-ball for Van Dijk’s changes and kept the opposition busy the whole game.

Luis Diaz (LW) – 9/10

Liverpool vs Bournemouth Match Highlights

When he’s on his game, he could be the least enjoyable player to play against in the league.

As again shown by an early goal here, strong, incredible work rate, quick, fantastic talents, and extremely good in the air.

He was persistent in carrying the ball and linking plays in the final third, making him a constant pain in the arse for Bournemouth to concentrate on. In the final minutes of the game, the center-forward scored a goal with a header.

Roberto Firmino (CF) – 10/10

A busy boy in the early going, he got two assists, the first of which was, it must be said, somewhat more deliberate than the second.

went on after that as well, and the No. 9, who doesn’t contribute to enough goals, ended the game with three assists and two goals to his credit, including his 100th goal for the team.

Some wonderful lofted passes to open doors for others, as well as a clever flip to pair with Elliott. Both goals were achieved by taking advantage of a deflection and a parry into risky areas while in a predatory, poaching position.


Milner (CM) – 7/10

Lovely sunny day for the older gentleman to be outside in the park.

Fabio Carvalho (CM) – 8.5/10

He has always been so threatening this season. And his first goal, a stunning volley, was completely deserved.

Kostas Tsimikas (LB) – 7/10

Neat little assist for No8.

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