Post FA Cup, Milner was stunned my viewing the Liverpool dressing room

Post FA Cup, Milner was stunned my viewing the Liverpool dressing room

After winning the 2nd consecutive final this season against Chelsea, Milner was shocked to see Liverpool players in the dressing room.

The match between Liverpool and Chelsea was very thrilling and the Reds managed to come out on top and won the FA Cup final after the intense penalty shootouts.

Now, Liverpool are still chasing the quadruple and have another final to play later this month against the Spanish giants Real Madrid who have already won LaLiga. The match will be played in France and whoever will win, will be declared the champions of Europe.

They also have the chance to win the Premier League if Manchester City slips and loses points with having only 1 game in hand against Aston Villa which will be difficult for them.

The situation in the dressing room of Liverpool after the FA Cup victory

After Liverpool celebrated the FA Cup win and received their medals and trophy, they went into their dressing room and Milner revealed that the Liverpool stars were glued to their phones which he did not expect at all.

James Milner was not happy to see the players like that and encouraged them to celebrate the triumphs a little more than that.

You never know when it’s going to be your last. You go into the dressing room after the game and all of the lads are straight on their phones. I’m saying: You’ve won the FA Cup – get off your phone! Yeah, you get 40 or 50 messages but you get on the bus and you can deal with that

Milner said

Moreover, let’s not forget that this is Liverpool’s first FA Cup win since Jurgen Klopp joined the Merseyside club back in October 2015.

Allison and Konstantinos Tsimikas did their part and helped the Reds win the penalty shootout despite Sadio Mane missing the 5th penalty.

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