Plenty for Liverpool fans after defeating Villa at Anfield

Plenty for Liverpool fans after defeating Villa at Anfield

Liverpool fans had a lot to witness after the game against Villa. The Reds registered their 7th win in a row after their 3-2 defeat against west ham united. Liverpool are having a brilliant run this season.

Currently, the Reds are in second place in the Premier League table with one point behind the leader’s Manchester City. Meanwhile, a record-breaking group stage win for the Reds during the midweek, as they became the first English club to win all their 6 group match games.

This fixture became the most anticipated game since Steven Gerrard was appointed as the manager of Aston Villa. As Gerrard, the Liverpool legend was coming back to Anfield for playing against the club he represented for 27 years.

A brilliant display from Liverpool as they emerged victorious at the home turf, with Salah’s brilliant Penalty at the 67th minute. As there is only a one-point gap among the top three teams, it was an important win for the Reds to stay in the title race.

What Liverpool fans saw at the game against Villa

Jurgen Klopp

The first question for Jurgen Klopp on his post-match press conference gave a big smile to everyone. A reporter with a very strong Brummy accent spoke and the boss couldn’t understand a thing and the reaction from him was simply brilliant.

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard registered his second defeat as Villa’s manager against the Red. In the post-match press conference former Liverpool and Manchester United forward Michael Owen spoke with Gerrard.

Michael Owen

Stevie, we’ve all gone back to Anfield in other guises, and I hated coming back. How did you feel coming back home today?

Gerrard’s Reply

If I played for Man U I had hate coming back too

Mohamed Salah

When Mohamed Salah was getting ready to take the penalty. Aston Villa goalkeeper Martinez was pointing towards his right asking Salah to score that side. But Salah drives a low shot past Martinez towards his left a beautiful goal to the bottom corner. A brilliant and stunning penalty from the so-called current best player in the world.

Mohamed Salah also scored his 21st goal in his 22nd appearance for the club this season. Moreover, he also has nine assists to his name. Salah is in remarkable form as he is setting records every weekend and also playing a vital role in Liverpool’s road to glory this season.

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