Pep Guardiola comments on Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard

Pep Guardiola has apologized to Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard after referencing the former Merseyside giant captain’s slip that led Manchester City to win the Premier League in the 2013-14 season.

Manchester City are facing allegations that the sky blues breached the financial fair play on multiple occasions to strengthen their squad.

Pep on Gerrard

To defend the sky blues, Pep previously said

“The goal from Sergio Aguero- and I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping at Anfield.”

“Was that our fault? All the moments we lived these years together. The Premier League will decide but I know what we won and the way we won it”.

This statement was a bit insensitive coming from the Spaniard. The Slip has long been a sore point for the Merseyside giant fans and the Ex-Reds captain himself.

But the Man City boss was very quick to point out his misjudge statement.

Guardiola’s apology

The City boss took a press conference to explain his viewpoints ahead of Wednesday’s clash against Arsenal. He said

“Before I start this press conference, I apologies to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments I said the last time about him”

“He knows how I admire him for his career, what he has done for this country that I am living in and training. I am ashamed of myself what I said because he doesn’t deserve it.”

“I truly believe my comments were said in my press conference where I defend my club but I didn’t represent my club well, putting his name in these stupid comments.”

The Spaniard further said

“I apologize, I said him personally but like I comment publicly, I have to do it here as well. So I am so sorry for him, for Alex[Gerrard], his wife, his kids, family because it was stupid.”

Steven Gerrard is considered the future Liverpool manager but right now the only person who can guide this team back to its glory days is going to be Jurgen Klopp himself.

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