Micah Richards resolves fake Aston Villa match-fix quotes

Micah Richards resolves fake Aston Villa match-fix quotes

Micah Richards swept away fake Aston Villa match-fixing quotes on social media pertaining to Aston Villa’s game against Man City.

With all the twists and turns, the Premier League title challenge goes into the last day of the season. Liverpool sits below Man City with just a point separating both sides in the league standings.

Liverpool fought well against Southampton to come from behind and register three points. Now all eyes are on Sunday for possible drama.

But interestingly, on the final day, Man City welcomes Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa at Etihad. The world knows who is Steven Gerrard, and his connection to the Liverpool football club.

Moreover, the narrative clearly lies with Gerrard and his Villa side knocking Man City. The Reds could register their 20th league title if City drops points and Liverpool beat Wolves at Anfield.

But there comes a compelling event on Twitter, someone took it too far with ‘quotes’ that Richards has since claimed are “slander” as they are not words he uttered.

Micah Richards rubbishes fake Aston Villa match-fixing quotes – “This is slander!”

With Liverpool’s Premier League title hopes out of their own hands, and more so we have come to a point where former Liverpool player and captain Steven Gerrard and deliver Liverpool the title.

Even Gerrard’s successor as Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson stated that:

Hopefully, Stevie and Villa can do us a favour at City!

However, on Twitter, someone quotes fake match fixing quotes for the upcoming Man City vs Aston Villa game. The quote also involved former Man City and Aston Villa player Micah Richards who’s currently a pundit, and the Englishman clarifies and rubbishes the quotes.

Photo Source: thisisanfield.com

The quotes in question were claimed to be from Richards on TalkSport and said: 

Steven Gerrard would like to win the league for Liverpool on Sunday, but Villa has a clause in Jack Grealish deal that could land them an extra £15 million if City wins the league, and in this business, money comes first.

Moreover, in response to one particular Tweet of the fabricated quote, Richards said: “I’m Micah! Maybe Micha said this but that’s not me! THIS IS SLANDER!!!”

It is another example of not everything you see online being what it appears to be.

But seriously, Jack Grealish who left Aston Villa for Man City to win titles for a 100 million transfer fee, could be denied his first piece of silverware by his boyhood club.

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