Marcus Rashford makes a claim about Liverpool while confessing to LeBron James

Marcus Rashford makes a claim about Liverpool while confessing to LeBron James

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has shown his disliking towards Liverpool FC while in discussion with Basketball icon LeBron James.

Liverpool and Man United are eternal rivals.

Though Rivalry between the clubs roots in political and economic issues, they have a lot of sporting history as well.

There has been no direct transfer between the clubs since 1964.

Players, just like fans, also take part in this rivalry.

Marcus Rashford on Liverpool FC

Marcus Rashford has acknowledged that he despises Liverpool. And he also harbours greater animosity with them than with Manchester City.

There is always an advantage to games played between the teams. Despite the divergent fortunes of Liverpool and United in recent years and the matches with City assuming a higher priority in the framework of the Premier League season.

In the Premier League last season, Jurgen Klopp’s team humiliated the Red Devils both at home and away. This led to putting pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at both meetings in Old Trafford. And also giving Ralf Rangnick a clear picture of the rebuilding task that was necessary following a 4-0 defeat at Anfield.

In an interview with Reds supporter LeBron James for Uninterrupted, when asked whether he has any clubs he despises, he replied:

“Liverpool. I don’t like Liverpool and City. Obviously, Liverpool has a history, so it is a bit more bitter, but with City, it’s like you don’t like them, but you don’t really have a massive reason not to like them. You just grew up, and it’s two Manchester sides, one wears light blue, and one wears red. But the rivalry with Liverpool, it feels much more.”

Rashford’s first encounter with Liverpool came during his breakout campaign of 2015–16. Here he played for 45 minutes as his team suffered a 2-0 loss in the first leg of the Europa League Last 16 at Anfield. The England international acknowledged he has a love-hate connection with Anfield. The Reds’ home stadium that is frequently an unfavourable location for visiting players due to its intimidating atmosphere.

When asked which grounds he enjoys or detests visiting, Rashford answered:

“Liverpool is like both. Their fans can take the game away from you. If you let them, they can take it away from you. In my first game at Anfield, I almost got sent off straight away, and I’m not a malicious player – I wouldn’t try and hurt someone on purpose.”

Thus, one can say that Anfield really acts as the 12th man on the turf for Liverpool.

Liverpool will now play the Bundesliga team RB Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena on Thursday at 6:15 p.m. This will be followed by a trip to Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday, July 27, for a 7 p.m. kickoff.

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