Man City Star Bernardo Silva claims their performances are overlooked

Man City Star Bernardo Silva claims their performances are overlooked

Bernardo Silva believes Manchester City’s achievements are often ignored. He said this in regards to the dominance of Liverpool players in PFA Team of the Year.

There haven’t been many players who have been as outspoken as Bernardo Silva throughout the current rivalry between Liverpool and Man City.

The 28-year-old has frequently shown his contempt for the Reds and their supporters. Moreover, he even went on to decline to participate in a guard of honour at the Etihad Stadium after Liverpool won the Premier League in 2020.

It is an odd obsession for a player who has nearly won everything with the Manchester club. With the only exception, of course, the Champions League.

In a subsequent interview with ESPN, Silva made a similar point about views relating to Liverpool and Man City. This was while he was asserting that his team “doesn’t get the recognition they deserve.”

According to him, if you do something exceptional at Man City, they make it look like it’s just good.

Bernardo Silva is frustrated with the non-inclusion of Man City players in PFA TOTY

He Continued:

“I’m not complaining, but playing in the Premier League and winning four titles in five years and checking the Premier League Team of the Year every year and knowing that we’re never the team with the most players.

We don’t have the best manager, we don’t have the best player. But we still win four Premier Leagues in five years? It just doesn’t make sense. It probably shows that Man City players don’t get as much credit as they should.”

He continues by saying it doesn’t really matter to him. And furthermore, he is happy with the titles and the memories.

Alisson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Virgil van Dijk, Thiago, Sadio Mane, and Mohamed Salah all made the latest PFA Team of the Year.

Silva, Joao Cancelo, and Kevin De Bruyne were the only three title-winners representatives.

But given the individual and group accolades, he has won, it is strange for the No. 20 to be thinking about these views. This is despite him repeatedly saying, “it doesn’t matter.”

Man City’s members somehow come out as being unaware of the reasons. The reasons as to why their team is not held in the same regard as their trophy case would suggest.

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