Anfield to welcome more fans with an 80 million pound expansion

Anfield to welcome more fans with an 80 million pound expansion

Liverpool will play their first home game of the season on Monday, with the £80 million Anfield Road End expansion well underway.

Liverpool will play through the 2022/23 season while work on the Anfield Road stand continues. A new upper tier is to be added and when finished next summer. The expansion will seat 15,967 fans, increasing Anfield’s overall capacity to 61,015 and making it the fourth-largest stadium in England.

The new Premier League season began last weekend, and the Reds will host Crystal Palace for match week 2 on August 15, 2022. The usual matchday experience for fans or players will be unaffected and expected to proceed as usual.

With the new roof truss in place, fans heading to the stadium will be able to take in the true magnitude of the Anfield Road End expansion. With that roof truss now connected to the new stand. Which is being built outside the existing lower-tier stand, with significant progress made in recent weeks.

New Anfield look after Expansion

Liverpool have been busy in recent years following the construction of its fantastic new Main Stand in 2016 and the opening of its state-of-the-art AXA Training Centre in November 2020, this is LFC’s third major capital build project. It has been 10 months since the work began at the stadium. After Jurgen Klopp put the first spade into the ground and work officially started last September.

On Tuesday 19th July 2022, two massive 600-tonne cranes eased the structure into place. In a 12-hour period, towering 164 metres above the local skyline. It was held in place by 60-tonne haunches at each end and 25,000 steel bolts.

Along with ongoing renovations, Anfield now has a new hybrid carpet pitch for 2022/23, installed in July. The hybrid carpet is grown off-site. Specially prepared turf nursery field plots are designed to provide the best possible growing conditions. Including improved airflow and natural sunlight. From establishment to harvesting, the pitch is tended by LFC ground staff off-site. Once the carpet is fully established it is then harvested and transported to Anfield for installation. The new hybrid pitch will provide excellent performance, stability and resilience

One key design is preserving the special atmosphere at Anfield, which was instrumental in the current owners’ decision to expand the existing stadium rather than relocate to a new stadium in Stanley Park. The lower tier will be retained and refurbished as part of the design, with a new upper tier built above it. Furthermore, the plans keep Anfield Stadium as four separate stands to reflect the stadium’s historical evolution.

Liverpool FC moving towards a new and hybrid era to support their stars and the fans at home.

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