Liverpool v Arsenal: EFL Cup match highlights

Liverpool v Arsenal: EFL Cup match highlights

Let us glance through the EFL Cup match highlights between Liverpool and Arsenal. It was a disappointing night for Liverpool as they drew 10-men Arsenal at Anfield. The Reds would have expected a win at home which turned out to be not in their favour.

A very dramatic first leg saw Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka dismissed again as he has been caught on several occasions. It happened in the 24th minute of the tie where Xhaka fouled Diogo Jota near the box.

However, the Reds failed to capitalize on this advantage as the Gunners defended incredibly out of their skins. Liverpool did have the upper hand by creating many chances but failed in the final thirds. Let us look more into this EFL Cup match highlights.

Takumi Minamino had possibly the best two chances in the match. The first one was when he had a fantastic shot where Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was out of position. The second chance came in the second half where he was right in front of the goal. But he hit the ball over the crossbar and the ball flew into the crowds.

Liverpool draw Arsenal – EFL Cup match highlights

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka also came close to scoring on one instance but his shot was wonderfully tucked away by Alisson. Arsenal were so gritty with their defense against a strong Liverpool attack and that was impressive.

According to Evening Standard, this performance would have surely frustrated Jurgen Klopp and the boys. Nevertheless, as they head into the second leg, they will have to be more wary and stand strong. The players have to focus better moving on.  

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