Liverpool squad continue defying the odds

Liverpool squad continue defying the odds

The Athletic have provided new data on the Liverpool squad. It is interesting to note that this still is defying the odds. Despite the injuries that have dashed Liverpool, the available players have managed to put on an impressive show for their fans.

The young talents of the Reds have been quite dynamic in recent years. Their pacey attack and sheer determination has paid off very well for them. Jurgen Klopp’s dynasty at Liverpool has sprung up hopes for a bright future at Anfield.

Liverpool went into the Arsenal game with injuries. Arsenal fans entered Anfield high on confidence after their great unbeaten run of 10 matches. But only to see their side go down terribly to a well prepared Liverpool side. They kept singing to the tune of Saka and Smith-Rowe with a real sense of pride.

Another factor about the Liverpool team is the age group. If players underperform, the matter of age comes into play. The transfer saga has been criticized but yet the young guns have performed beyond expectation. There is tension on contract extensions. The current squad is full of talented players and the main sight is to build the future.

Liverpool squad doing wonders despite the challenge

Liverpool Squad 2021-22

Let us look at the analysis of the current players. Alisson seems to be in the last year of his prime. On the other hand, Kostas Tsimikas remains the only defender at his peak and Naby Keita is the lone midfielder to fall into this group. Takumi Minamino joins this group from the attacking point of view. Meanwhile, Trent and Jota are yet to reach the age of their prime form. Thus, a lot is yet to come from the pool of these youngsters.

With the way Arsenal posed threat, Liverpool managed to get onto the front foot to reverse the tide. They were able to harness the energy because of their experience and turn it into something positive. That was indeed a brilliant show. As the Reds won back the ball 17 times via their display of high-level pressing gameplay.

There have been times when Liverpool allowed the opposition to cause threats. They have been inconsistent at times too. It is because of the shifts in the starting eleven which is understandable. Yet, the Reds have portrayed the right mix of experience and naive players.

With Oxlade-Chamberlain having made three consecutive starts against his former team, the best is yet to come from the Englishmen. While Virgil van Dijk has single-handedly handled the pressure behind on certain occasions which is why he is exemplary. Thus, one could argue that Liverpool are ageing with their current squad but still, they have a lot to offer to be one of the best teams in the world.

The Reds have always shut their critics by simply following the norm that age is just a number and we are Liverpool that means more.

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