Liverpool sell third most shirts in the world: Most in the league

Liverpool sell third most shirts in the world: Most in the league

Liverpool sold the third most number of shirts in 2021. The Reds sold 2.45 million shirts, behind only Real Madrid (3.05m) and Bayern Munich (3.25m).

According to Euromerica Sports Marketing group, Liverpool sold more shirts than any other club in England.

The presence of Mohamed Salah, who is having contract issues, undoubtedly played a big role in this. Widely considered one of the best players in the world, he is also a highly marketable player.

Liverpool beat Manchester United in shirts sales

Arch-rivals Manchester United considered the most marketable club in the world for years, were able to sell only 1.95 million jerseys in the same time period. They finished fourth in this table. Despite signing Cristiano Ronaldo, who is arguably the most marketable man on the planet the Red Devils were not even in the top 3.

As far as finances are concerned, FSG would see this as a big victory. While we cannot expect Liverpool to go into the market and sign Kylian Mbappe, this is still a big win. This will help Liverpool sign players like Raphinha, Kalvin Phillips and Cody Gakpo, who are all on the Reds wishlist for this summer.

The team Manchester United signed Ronaldo from, Juventus, finished fifth on the table, selling 1.42 million jerseys.

While Lionel Messi’s absence was missed in Barcelona again. The Argentinian’s absence lead them to finish in a disappointing sixth position with 1.34m kits sold.

Liverpool shirt sales show that Jurgen Klopp has not only made Liverpool one of the best sides in the world, but he has also made them world-famous. This shows how marketable Liverpool has become in the past few years.

Maybe this fame will help Liverpool sign even bigger world beaters? Can this lead to Liverpool signing Paulo Dybala in the summer?

Liverpool will hope that the sales of shirt keep getting better and better as they look to build their squad for the upcoming years.

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