Liverpool rejects to be part of the Standing Trial at Anfield

Liverpool rejects to be part of the Standing Trial at Anfield

Unlike other clubs in the Premier League, Liverpool has decided not to take part in the Government’s safe standing trial programme.

A legislation was being passed way back in the year 1989, which denied the fans to watch the match while standing in the stands. The reason being Hillsborough disaster, Which even led to the demise of 97 Liverpool supporters. It is considered as one of the highest highest death toll in British sporting history.

Meanwhile, Margaret Aspinall, who use to be the chair of the disbanded Hillsborough Family Support Group and also the mother of James, who passed away in Hillsborough incident gave the pilot programme a cautious welcome on Wednesday.

Speaking to the PA news agency Aspinall said

The priority is the fans and their safety. As long as it’s monitored it should be OK.

Rebrushing the memories of the past incident Margaret Aspinall further said

“Safety is paramount, and I hope lessons have been learned. Fans will not be treated, and are not being treated now, like they were in the 1970s and 1980s, herded like cattle.”

However, Liverpool will not be taking part in the pilot programme. Thus, the Reds will focus on their own trail instead.

Why did Liverpool opted out of the Standing Trial

Liverpool rejects to be part of the Standing Trial at Anfield.

After years of blanket ban on standing in the top two tiers of English football on Wednesday the laws were rectified. With this, now clubs will be going through a standing trial from the next year i.e. 1st of January 2021 until the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Liverpool will be continuing with their own trial program of rail seats. Installing 1800 temporary rail seats at the Kop stand, the Reds will be further adding on 7,000 more seats. The positioning of the new seats will be taking place in the Anfield Road End stand. Thus, this will lead to increase in the overall capacity of the Anfield stadium up to 61,000.

Moreover, the plan for opting out of the standing trial could also be because of the concern for the fans. This means the security will be only allowing the fans for standing up in the key moments of the match and that too only for a while.

While other clubs will be creating a separate section for the standing trial. Thus, this will allow the fans the watch the complete match while they are standing in a particular section.

Whats next for Liverpool?

Next up for Liverpool will be a trip to West London. As the Reds get ready to face the new commerce in the Premier League Brentford on Saturday.

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