Liverpool received more than £150 million in Premier League winnings for 2021–2022

Liverpool prize money

Liverpool received more than £150 million in prize money as a result of their intense competition with Man City in the Premier League championship last season.

So close, yet too far

The FA Cup and Carabao Cup were the Reds’ two domestic championships at the end of the 2021/22 season, although they eventually fell short in their quest for two more.


“I’m very positive about the season and the things we did, of course. When you are that close, it would have been nice [to win everything], but it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

The last day’s 3-2 comeback victory by Man City against Aston Villa prevented Jurgen Klopp’s team from winning the Premier League despite their 3-1 triumph over Wolves.
Six days later, they lost to Real Madrid 1-0 in a Champions League match. The match got marred by the appalling treatment of supporters outside the Stade de France.

Even after finishing second in the Premier League, Liverpool lands a whopping prize money

The club got £151.87 million in prize pool from the Premier League as a reward for their performances during the previous season. It was undoubtedly advantageous financially.

Beyond TV rights, Liverpool received the majority of their prize money through merit payments and their high number of live games, which was divided evenly among the 20 teams from the UK and other markets.
Liverpool and Arsenal had both had 29 games chosen for live broadcasts on UK TV. It was more than any other team; a sum of about £870,000 is given for each game televised.

Money well spent?

In reaction to this news, supporters may refer to the club’s low net spending in the transfer market. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that investment is still being made both on and off the field.

For instance, the 7,000 more seats in the Anfield Road End project. The project is scheduled to be finished in 2023, and would cost about £80 million. While if the Reds lure in Jude Bellingham that might cost a hefty fee as well.

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