Liverpool gets fortunate as player changes agent, a Transfer might take place ‘next week’

Moises Caicedo to Liverpool

As a “great” player switches agencies, the Reds are in the lead. After changing agents, Moises Caicedo is reportedly being pursued by Liverpool. A transfer may take place “next week.”

Moisés Caicedo has signed with Futbol Division, giving him Spanish representation. They will now act as the player’s agent, which might have an impact on this week’s transfer deadline.

Liverpool and Chelsea to chase for Caicedo

Teams will try to wrest Caicedo away from Brighton, and two, in particular, stand out. Chelsea are the first. They are in the lead and in the best position to pursue a move at this point in the window. An Athletic story that states the Blues made a £55 million bid last week surely supports that.

Brighton, however, rejected that and wants to keep Caicedo. Chelsea will, however, likely make a strong effort considering that Graham Potter is the club’s manager. He obviously joined from Brighton and earlier this season called the Ecuadorian “excellent.”

Though not every team is interested in Chelsea. Additionally, Liverpool is “lurking” in Chelsea’s shadow. They could try to make something happen this month if the appropriate opportunity arises.

Caicedo’s January transfer shenanigans

Liverpool spending more than £60 million to buy Caicedo this late in the window seems implausible. However, as a result of a change in Caicedo’s representative, the Reds might have a possible shot.

There is no question that Liverpool have to take action. The Reds just doesn’t seem right, especially in the middle of the field. Caicedo could be just what this side needs to breathe new life into it. Even at age 21, it seems rather risk-free. With the correct coaching, he might become an exceptional player as he is currently talented enough to start every week in the Premier League.

When it comes to providing that type of instruction, Liverpool normally excels. They may not want to pass up this chance, but we’ll have to wait and watch how the coming week goes.

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