Liverpool FC are looking at ‘young’ star Jude Bellingham as one for the future

Liverpool FC are looking at ‘young’ star Jude Bellingham as one for the future

Liverpool FC may be the ‘front runners’ and favourites to rope in ‘the sensational’ young talent Jude Bellingham in Summer 2023. The race to get the 18-year-old midfielder, early next year could go interesting.

A few other ‘Top European clubs’ will also look to land Jude to bolster their attacks, and be ‘tough competitors’ all over Europe.

Jude Bellingham – A perfect match for Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC are focused on the current season as well as looking to ‘secure a long-term future with the English player Jude Bellingham.

Liverpool who are currently having a near-perfect season, having already won, one trophy this season. The Reds are still in contention for a historic ‘quadruple’ or even a ‘treble’.

To reach that ‘summit’ the toughest and probably the biggest hurdle stands in their way this month. With continuous matches in three competitions simultaneously and against top teams, Liverpool will ‘definitely’ look to face it with ‘good confidence’.

On the other hand, the timing of getting Jude, could not be more ‘be-fitting’ for Liverpool.

As with ‘speculations and uncertainty going around their current batch of forwards, Jude would not only fill the ‘void’, but also has the strength to ‘rule’ in the Premier League.

His natural goal-scoring and goal-making ability and ‘prowess’ in front of the opposition goal, make him one of the best in his category.

Jude Bellingham – One for the future

The current 18-year-old, the player was bought by German side Borussia Dortmund from Birmingham City when he had just turned 17.

Touted to be the ‘next big thing’ in football Jude Bellingham was a ‘decorated player’ during his time at Birmingham.

With the club even going on to retire the 17-year-old’s jersey number, a call taken too early or perhaps they saw something special in the player.

What do the Football pundits and Journalists have to say about Jude’s probable move?

A renowned German journalist Sebastian Kolsberger spoke in a recent chat, He said

Jude is one of the future midfield stars and all the clubs want him, I think after a few years in Germany he will come back to England.

Liverpool and Man City also want to sign him. But Jude is a very ‘emotional player’, and, therefore, I think that Liverpool have more pull to sign him.

Meanwhile, Sky Sports pundit Clinton Morrison recently commented on the BBC channel stating,

He’ll (Jude Bellingham) probably stay at Dortmund for another year, but I think a team like a Liverpool will come and get him sooner rather than later.

The future seems bright for the young lad, but it could be really compatible keeping Liverpool in mind. As, both will help each other out in achieving brilliant things coming on their way and he would ‘Never Walk Alone’.

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