Liverpool and Man United fans take part in Tash of Two Cities Challenge

Liverpool and Man United fans take part in Tash of Two Cities Challenge

The ‘Tash of Two Cities’ Challenge will witness the buddies place of all football squabbles behind to journey along the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal. This came after the ritual of growing a moustache during ‘Movember.’

It is an yearly effort to spread awareness of men’s health issues which is a part of Movember celebration. The pals plan to walk from Liverpool to Manchester United in one weekend.

Both companions are of Manchester United and Liverpool supporters namely, George Frewer and Mark Bartlem. Both will run 60 kilometres from their respective stadiums on November 20th and 21st. It is an attempt to raise funds and publicity for Movember and the movement’s mental health and suicide preventative efforts.

So far, they have raised £3000 of their pledge of £5000 for Movember, a men’s health charity.

The fellow organiser had his say on the movement:

Reach out and talk to one another, reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and say ‘how are you? A lot of men won’t proactively talk about what they’re feeling, but secondly, men don’t necessarily get to say how they’re feeling because they’re the strong one. That’s not the case. We need to change that.

In a statistical research, it has indicated that every minute a man dies by suicide. Men commit three out of every four suicides in the United Kingdom, and Covid has made it much more difficult for solitary and lonely men.

Mark Bartlem, Liverpool fan and Tash of Two Cities walker has his say:

‘You’ll never walk alone’ sums up what we’re trying to do on this walk

The official tagline of the Reds perfectly sums up the campaign, which will eventually help to create more awareness about the campaign.

What Tash of Two Cities Challenge actually brings in light?

There is indeed a stigma associated with men and mental health discussions. Movember promotes men to be healthier in all aspects of their lives. A particular emphasis will keep men socially active and becoming more open to discussing their health and key life events.

The Covid-19 pandemic is damaging the Men’s mental state. According to a global study conducted by the Social Research Centre, during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost the majority of British men (46%) said no one ask how they were dealing.

During first six weeks, 22% of men stated their mental health had deteriorated, with 29% reporting greater loneliness. While older men were suffering more lack of social connection with 62% of men aged 45 and up saying they had felt less connected to their friends since the COVID-19 epidemic.

The walk will raise awareness about the benefits of emotional and physical health dialogues. Moreover, it will light the terrible figure that one man dies by suicide every minute around the world.

It’s indeed a great initiative for people around the world carried forward by Liverpool and Man United supporters.

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