Leeds United imposed a lifetime ban on a fan for his ignoramus actions during the Liverpool game

Leeds fan lifetime ban

Prior to the two clubs’ weekend meeting, a Leeds fan publicly insulted the Hillsborough tragedy in Liverpool. The Yorkshire club has now permanently barred the fan.

The idiotic act of a Leeds fan gets him a lifetime ban

Before the game, a tweet with the words “Victim FC” and a picture of a fan clutching the S*n newspaper at Liverpool Lime Street station went viral on social media.

Since then, both the message and the offending account have been deleted by Twitter. Stewards are thought to have recognized the suspect outside the stadium before the game. And they prevented him from entering Anfield before arresting him afterward.

Following several complaints to Leeds United Football Club, it has now been revealed that the fan has been barred from all future Leeds matches due to his despicable actions.

FA’s take on the situation

A leaked email from Leeds United FC, which criticized the person for his actions and confirmed that he had received punishment, was posted on social media.

The FA issued a statement on Tuesday in response to the rise in “abhorrent” shouts and insults about Hillsborough at games.

An FA spokesperson:

“We are very concerned about the rise of abhorrent chants in stadiums that are related to the Hillsborough disaster and other football-related tragedies”

The 1989 catastrophe victim and Labour MP Ian Byrne said in a letter to the Premier League last week that similar chanting at Liverpool games were now “incessant” and a “weekly occurrence.”

It’s encouraging to see Leeds punish this person in a straightforward manner. Let’s hope that this is the beginning of other clubs taking similar measures against any more terrible behavior.

It is such a disgusting act. To call yourself a football fan and then act like this? Football is for everyone! And be it racism, hate speech, bullying, or any other disgusting act- they have no place in the world of football. Such actions should be punished harshly. It is great to see LUFC taking a strong stand against this. Together we grow! Together we speak the language of football!

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