Official Announcement Of Arne Slot As The Next Reds’ Manager Held Up Due To This Reason!

Official Announcement Of Arne Slot As The Next Reds’ Manager Held Up Due To This Reason!

The next tenure of Arne Slot as Liverpool manager is yet to be confirmed by the club via official announcement because of issues regarding the contract of Liverpool boss.

Arne Slot’s next managerial stint at Liverpool FC is almost confirmed, marking an exciting chapter for both the club and the Dutchman.

However, before the announcement, a tiny complication arises, Slot’s decision to bring his trusted associates from Feyenoord to Liverpool presents a challenge.

Official Arne Slot Announcement Delayed

Slot’s desire to bring his hardworking staff, including assistant manager Sibke Hulshoff, second assistant manager Etienne Reijnen, and head of performance Ruben Peeters, to Liverpool is understandable.

Nevertheless, logistical challenges emerge, particularly for Hulshoff, as he serves as the assistant manager of the Dutch national team in the Euro 2024 alongside manager Ronald Koeman.

However, Liverpool want Hulshoff’s contract to begin on July 1 for Liverpool. But Hushoff’s commitment to the Dutch national side for the Euro 2024 presents a challenge as the Euros does not end till the middle of July.

Here is what Slot had to say regarding the delay of the official announcement from Liverpool:

“I can’t reveal the details right now, but it is not about my contract. There are a combination of factors which is the cause why there is no announcement yet.

But don’t worry. It will happen. I know I have been saying this every time over the past week, but I do expect that it really is a matter of days now. Some things just need more time.”

As Arne Slot gears up for his next managerial time with Liverpool, the whole of the premier league is excited along with the Merseyside fans for his time in Liverpool. Only time will tell if Slot’s time at Liverpool will fan out successfully or not.

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