Klopp terms the work rate of Luis Diaz as “crazy”

Klopp terms the work rate of Luis Diaz as “crazy”

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has said that the work rate Luis Diaz puts in the training sessions is “crazy”. Klopp brought Diaz to Anfield during the January transfer window and the speed of his adaptation has been remarkable.

Thus, due to this, Liverpool arguably have the best-attacking depth in the Premier League.

The Colombian winger has been very good for Liverpool as he adds more depth to the Reds current squad and gives Jurgen Klopp an alternative in the attack bringing in the pace and skills with him. So far, the 25-year-old winger has played 7 games in the Premier League and scored 2 goals for the Reds.

Klopp when asked about Luis Diaz

I didn’t know how much he enjoys training, I had no idea. I’m not sure I ever saw somebody like that. I said it before, he cannot stop smiling during training.

He just can’t stop. It’s crazy. I didn’t know that. All the rest, how quickly he would adapt, no, we didn’t know that as well. They are all happy, all the players we signed in the last few years were all happy when they arrived here.

It’s not the worst place in the world, to be honest. Luis is now here already for nearly two months, or is it two months? I don’t know exactly. That’s rare how much he enjoys training, that’s really cool.

As per the club website

Pacy Diaz for the Reds

Moreover, Luis Diaz has been a crucial addition to Liverpool as he is very young and full of energy. The speedster wants to play every match for the team. Diaz has the hunger and enthusiasm which are the bedrock of Klopp’s sides and he has the quality to match as well.

Most players when they change their club and when a player comes to a new country and in a competition like Premier League, take time to adapt to the situation and environment. But the way Luis Diaz has performed since his signing he has been simply exceptional. Maybe Luis Diaz is the one made for the Reds or you can call it a match made in heaven.

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