Key takeaways from Jurgen Klopp’s pre-UCL final press conference

Key takeaways from Jurgen Klopp’s pre-UCL final press conference

In his pre-UCL final press conference, Jurgen Klopp gave some encouraging news on Thiago. The boss looked ahead to the meeting with Real Madrid, where he wants to “make things right” rather than seek vengeance.

Liverpool are going to face Real Madrid in the Champions League Final. The EPL manager of the season gave an exciting press conference ahead of the final. And here are some key takeaways from it.

Jurgen Klopp: Pre-UCL final press conference

Good news on Thiago

There was a sense of impending dread surrounding Thiago’s Achilles injury. But Klopp has given an important update that will have you happy, albeit with your fingers crossed.

Klopp revealed there are chances Thiago will be available for the final.

Thiago will be part of the training tomorrow. And after that…. never say never.

Duo’s Future

Both Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane made declarations about their futures, with the former’s being far less ambiguous.

Klopp reveals that there is no ambiguity at all and players are very clear about their future.

While Salah expressed a desire for vengeance against Real Madrid following 2018 final. Klopp preferred to use the phrase “make it right.”

He says it’s nothing but a poor choice of words on Salah’s part. Moreover, there is no bad blood between the clubs.

About the Final

This will be Liverpool’s third final of the season. And they will meet a sea of red at the Stade de France, which Klopp is looking forward to.

He wholesomely explained how much did he love the atmosphere in the other two finals. And how much interesting the final will be.

Klopp made a triumphant figure as he praised his team for surviving the ‘group of death’ without a single blemish. Moreover finishing the job in the knockout stages on the road.

He said:

We aren’t here in the final by any kind of magic. It’s not that we [think], ‘how did we get in a Champions League final? We deserve this as well. My boys played a sensational group stage. The first time I heard now, I didn’t know it, that an English side won all six games in a group stage. Absolutely exceptional in the Group of Death, we had hard moments – and while we talk about great European nights at Anfield. This year we saw knockout stages away and brought it home. It just shows we have different ways to win football games, not only one way.

With the Thiago news and Klopp’s confidence, Liverpool fans would be boasting about their chances in the Final. Will it be 7 or 14?

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