Jurgen Klopp opens up on his talks with Liverpool players

Jurgen Klopp opens up on his talks with Liverpool players

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, who’s currently the longest-serving manager in the Premier League, opens up on his talks with players.

The Merseysiders are coming from success against Benfica, as it saw them ‘through’ plus good rest to key players.

Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool lads

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp recently opened up, that he doesn’t speak to the players while team selection.

Meanwhile, Klopp talks to the players about their performances and suggestions, ‘never ask them if they are ‘tired’ from ‘match fatigue’ before selecting the squad.

The Boss had rested several ‘fit-key players’ for the Benfica game, and that move worked out pretty well. Moreover, it is quite unusual for the players, especially of Salah’s, Mane’s, Firmino’s, caliber to sit out in games.

As the Reds sailed through the Semi-Finals of the CL, now they’ll have their core players ‘ready’ for the City game.

“I do not ask players”, Klopp

In a recent interview ahead of the Man City game Klopp says,

They are completely in a tunnel. They want to play, play, play, play, play, want to be successful, win everything, that’s what they want to do,” Klopp commented.

He also added,

That’s why I don’t ask players, are you tired? (They say) No, why, do I look like? All these kind of things. So I have to make a decision without talking a lot. Just make it, deal with it and go from there. It’s my responsibility, right or wrong.

Klopp has taken into his ‘stride’, the responsibility of his and his players’ decisions, which is ‘unique’ in today’s world.

Klopp claims, “City haven’t seen the best of Liverpool yet”

The Gaffer had described that the PL game against City had to be endured with toughness. He said that was not the best performance for the Liverpool players.

“We will see. It was for both teams intense [The CL game].

He also claims,

City was really strong last week (on Sunday) and we were not at our best, so I would like to see a game where we are at our best as well. That would be interesting.”

With now Liverpool have a full-strength squad available. Meanwhile, City missing two “important” players, after their fierce battle against Atletico Madrid in the midweek.

The battle between the giants gets more interesting.

Both the teams will look to reign on their current form, and eliminate the other from the competition this season. As only one place at the Finals ‘beckons’ them.

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