Jurgen Klopp discloses one thing that amazed him the most at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp discloses one thing that amazed him the most at Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed one thing that surprised him the most when he arrived at the club in 2015.

Today mark’s the 6 years of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool. And ever since taking over as Liverpool manager in 2015, he has brought the glory days back thus granting the Merseyside fans the best years of the club. In an exclusive conversation with This Is Anfield, he reflected on his journey with the club so far.

The German has taken the club to another level by loading the silverware in the club’s trophy cabinet, thus winning the Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and the long-awaited Premier League.

From being a player and coach at Metz to making his name at Dortmund and now managing Liverpool, it has been a stellar career for the German so far. The 54-year-old admits he was unprepared for the enormity of the club, as well as the affection of the supporters.

Jurgen Klopp expresses his views on completing six years with Liverpool Football Club

When asked what surprised him the most, he said

The passion. I knew about it, but not the extent of it. So the love for the club,

Liverpool FC is obviously a massive club, a worldwide brand and stuff like this, but inside we are really small – in a good way. So really together

Jurgen Klopp also talked about how easily he managed to mould himself with the club’s atmosphere. People never use to order him to act like a manager, no one really questioned him. At Dortmund, he had to change and adapt to a new life as it was a big step in his career as a manager.

Then you come to Liverpool and you start thinking again that’s the case. But I was obviously already grown-up, matured, and didn’t have to change again

So that’s really nice, that you can be who you are, how you are, or can stay who you are, how you are, in such a massive club

The boss reflected on how he adapted himself quickly at the club. The German coach was impressed and also amazed by the warmth and support of fans and the club.

It was a surprise about that, maybe not a surprise, so [I was] really pleased

It might be amusing to Jurgen Klopp but the Liverpool fans always backed him for his decisions. Thus, one can say that Jurgen Klopp was able to successfully convert the doubters into believers. And now Jurgen Klopp will never walk alone as his legacy with Liverpool will always be remembered forever.

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