Jurgen Klopp blames VAR and Referees after The Reds defeat

Jurgen Klopp blames VAR and Referees after The Reds defeat

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp States that there is an issue with VAR and Referees as Liverpool faces their first defeat of the season across all competition. The Reds lost their Premier League game against West Ham United 3 – 2. The fixture was refereed by Craig Pawson, and his video assistant Stuart Attwell.

Klopp was shocked to see that VAR allowed the goal where Alisson collided with Ogbonna in the air as he tries to punch the ball out of danger, but he misses it and the ball ends in the back of the net resulting in an own goal.

Within 4 minutes of the first incident, Cresswell lands in a dangerous tackle on the Skipper Jordan Henderson. The defender gets away without any warning or verbal from the referee. Klopp was angry as there was no free-kick, no viewing on the monitor, and no VAR inclusion.


Jurgen Klopp on VAR

Jurgen Klopp was furious over the officials Craig Pawson and Stuart Attwell. As VAR made two key decisions against the Reds. 

According to Jurgen Klopp

It was a clear foul on Alisson, when you see the dynamic of the whole situation, how close they are to each other, how can that not be a foul? “It’s not man-marking, it’s blocking the goalkeeper. The decision is really strange.

It’s a clear red card, yes he touched the ball but if it’s a reckless challenge it doesn’t matter if you touch the ball. You cannot go high up like that. There are too many things where it is ‘let’s see what VAR is saying’ and we have a problem with clear and obvious mistakes because whoever we have for VAR hides behind referees. This was a big problem for us today.

It was just eight minutes into the game and both the referee and the video assistant referee weren’t active while two key decisions went against the Red

VAR is there to help the referees and it’s a referee’s duty to call the game fair and square. Now we have the technology to help them and make the correct decisions. However, many football pundits have natural thoughts over the controversial decision. Thus, at the end, it all comes down to perception.

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