Jurgen Klopp’s favourite, Jordan Henderson says he ‘cried’ when he almost left Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp’s favourite, Jordan Henderson says he ‘cried’ when he almost left Liverpool

Jordan Henderson opened about how he almost left Liverpool for Fulham back in 2012. The skipper was going to be offered to the Cottagers in an exchange deal for Clint Dempsey.

Jordan Henderson’s turbulent time

It is difficult to imagine Liverpool without its skipper, Jordan Henderson. However, there was a time when Jordan was finding it difficult to find his way into the side. Liverpool’s manager Brendan Rogers was looking to offload Jordan Henderson in 2012. The current Leicester manager asked him to choose between Liverpool and Fulham.

Jordan was understandably devastated. The skipper recalled:

I had a conversation with Brendan in the hotel and to be fair to Brendan, he gave us the option it was more the club that was willing to let us go. Brendan said ‘look it’s down to you, you won’t be starting as much as you like, but I’ll try to help you improve, you’re still young and if you improve, you’ll play more as time goes on.

So, I went back to my room, cried a little bit and I was devastated really. From that moment on I just tried, it wasn’t an option to leave because I hadn’t been at the club for long and I worked so hard to get there so I wasn’t just going to leave. I said straight away I wasn’t going anywhere and I’d do everything I could to get into the team and prove people wrong. From that day I gave everything on the training pitch and in the gym.

Liverpool are extremely fortunate that Jordan Henderson stayed. As, Clint Dempsey moved to Tottenham Hotspur, where he was underwhelming, lasting just one season. Subsequently, he moved to MLS. Meanwhile, Jordan Henderson has won the Premier League, Champions League and an FWA Player of the Year.

Jordan Henderson has had quite a journey.

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