Joel Matip’s pregnant sister-in-law was among the fans tear-gassed outside the Champions League final

Joel Matip’s pregnant sister-in-law was among the fans tear-gassed outside the Champions League final

The circumstances outside the Stade de France that have caused the Champions League final to be postponed have been chaotic. With Joel Matip’s pregnant sister-in-law among the fans who have been tear-gassed without provocation.

Thousands of Liverpool fans couldn’t enter the stadium. This was due to UEFA’s incompetence in organizing their showpiece match. Resulting in hazardous scenes.

Fans were queuing for hours outside the ground. Moreover, this funnelled into dangerous bottlenecks with turnstiles closed. This led UEFA to leave no choice but to delay the start of the game to 9.30 pm local time.

Matip’s sister-in-law among the fans tear-gassed

As the minutes have passed, the situation has deteriorated. Fans outside didn’t provoke the authorities. Still, the Authority’s response was tear-gassing them. Although, many fans suffered. But most shocking was Matip’s pregnant sister-in-law. Moreover, It shows, that authorities didn’t even care about a person’s physical conditions.

Sky Sports Germany reporter Florian Plettenberg reported the event with a first-hand account from Matip’s brother’s Twitter account:

Matip’s Brother told Plettenberg:

The organization around and in the stadium is unworthy of a CL final. Using tear gas in areas with children and uninvolved fans is dangerous!

Quoted the reporter outside the stadium

The event was a really tragic one. Moreover, things look worse as UEFA and authorities are blaming the fans for the mishap.

To say the least, it’s a catastrophe. Moreover, it’s becoming all too often insignificant championships throughout the continent. Moreover, the authorities are treating fans like second-class citizens.

It’s horrible, and no one should have to go through what Liverpool fans experienced at the Stade de Franc. Although the situation was out of control. We hope it didn’t hurt anyone and fans were able to enjoy the final after the 30-minute delay.

UEFA have a lot to answer for.

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