Injury Updates: Harvey Elliott undergoes surgery and is set to return soon

Injury Updates: Harvey Elliott undergoes surgery and is set to return soon

Liverpool’s young prodigy Harvey Elliott recently suffered a dislocated ankle injury during the match against Leed United on Sunday.

Following a horrendous tackle, the attacking midfielder was carried off the field on a stretcher and was immediately taken to the hospital. After the tackle, the Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah imminently called the medical staff to have a look.

Further, Liverpool officially confirmed that Elliott will be undergoing surgery in the coming days. With this, the expert sports surgeon Mike Hennessy says

“They were on giving him sedation. It is good analgesia they use now which is inhaled. It looks like they reduced his ankle straight away which is what you need to do because the longer the ankle remains dislocated the more problems there will be for the soft tissue.

To get a dislocation it means you have disrupted several bits, he has either broken the bones on both sides or broken the bone on one side and torn the major ligaments on the inside. Either way it is a major injury.”

Moreover, according to the surgeon, the immediate action taken on the field by Liverpool’s medical staff will be helping Elliott in a speedy recovery.

Harvey Elliott will be able to recover from his injury in 6 months, says the surgeon

After the surgery, Elliott will be undergoing rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions. Thus, this will approximately last for 12 weeks. During the sessions, Elliott will be training without any weights on the joint for the initial 6 weeks. Further, there will be six weeks of training with weights to complete the rehabilitation process. Afterwhich, the 18-year-old will be back to light training to eventually return on the field in nearly 6 months.

The teenager will be keen to make his return to the first team. As of now, Liverpool will be without the service of their young prodigy and will be looking for a substitute.

Who can replace Elliott in the First Team

Jurgen Klopp believes and still has full trust in the depth of his squad. Thus, the on bench appearance maker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be eager to grab the opportunity. The England international has already spoken about how good he feels in the training this season. While Klopp has also praised the 28-year-old attacking midfielder saying he looks much sharper in the training now.

Meanwhile, Liverpool will be getting ready to face A.C. Milan on Wednesday to kick-off their 2021-22 Champions League campaign.

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